Why should you join NSHA? You will be part of the biggest community of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists in Nevada.  Together, we make a difference in the lives of our clients, students, and patients.  Together, we advocate for our professions, constantly striving to improve our practice and educate Nevadans about the importance of our work.  As a NSHA member, you will receive discounted CEUs, membership incentives, as well as an online community of knowledge resources. We are Nevada’s professional organization of speech-language pathologists and audiologists with concerns and interests similar to your own. NSHA members are employed in schools, in health care facilities, and in private practice throughout the State of Nevada. NSHA members are committed to promoting the practice of quality speech, language and hearing services for children and adults throughout the State of Nevada and to provide leadership in the issues that have an impact on our profession. As part of our effort to go green, new membership and renewals are available here on our website. This is the preferred method of obtaining or renewing your membership. Please follow the link to the online store by clicking the link below. Once you are in the store, choose annual membership. In previous years, a membership card was mailed out recognizing your membership.  Because there was no purpose to this card and it wasted paper, money, and time to send them out, we have discontinued use of these cards.  We will send a verification e-mail indicating your payment and membership term.  You will need to print the invoice for your records. Please Note: Membership year runs July 1st-June 30th. Dues will need to be renewed by July 1. This was decided on and voted by members so as not to coincide with ASHA and state licensing fees which are due December 31st. Membership Categories:

  • Active: Members must hold (1) graduate degree with a major emphasis in Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology or Speech, Language, or Hearing science; or (2) a graduate degree and present evidence of active research, interest, and performance in the field of human communication, and must reside in or be employed in Nevada. All active members shall have all privileges of the association. Dues: $75.00 per year
  • Associate: Members shall be any interested persons with an equivalent of a Master’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in Speech Language Pathology, Audiology, or speech, language or hearing sciences, persons not residing in Nevada; or any interested person who subscribe to the purposes and bylaws and rules of this association. Associate members shall have all privileges of the Association except voting and holding office. Dues: $45.00 per year
  • Student: Shall be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program with major emphasis in speech pathology, audiology, speech, language, or hearing sciences, education of hearing impaired, or communicative disorders program in an accredited program. Student members shall have all privileges of the Association, except voting and holding office. Dues: $30.00 per year
  • Life: Life members shall be persons meeting the qualifications for active membership who have attained the age of sixty-five (65) and 10 consecutive years of membership or have been a member for a total of 15 years (not consecutive) and age 65. Life members have all privileges of the Association, without payment of annual dues, but with a onetime Life Membership fee, as determined by the Board of Directors.  Dues: $40.00 (one time fee)

For your convenience, you can join NSHA through our online store by clicking “return to shop” below.  If you do not wish to pay by debit/ATM card or online, please click on the mail-in membership link below to download a membership application to your computer.  Send your check for the appropriate fee to:

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NSHA PO BOX 40126 Reno, NV 89504

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