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Telepractice training for Nevada SLPs information and resources Updated 08.2020 (1)




ASHA Ethical issues related to COVID-19 (1)

Resource Toolkit for Distance Learning and Telepractice services FINAL 03.31.20

Resources Telepractice HIPAA includes Compact (1)

School-Based SLP Teletherapy_Distance Learning Documentation Rubric

teletherapy consent form_generic (1)

Teletherapy Platforms – 03.20.20 (1)

Thank you for all you do to support your students, families, colleagues, schools and districts during this public health crisis. Keep staying healthy, safe and taking good good care!!


The NSHA Coalition, NSHA co-SEALs, NSHA Board of Directors and NSHA Ancillary Board members have gathered resources on Telepractice/Teletherapy to address service delivery options during school closures due to COVID-19.


On behalf of NSHA, Karen and I want to share these resources with you and ask that you please share them with your SLP colleagues and others as appropriate.


Please find attached the following resources:


  • Resource Toolkit for Distance Learning and Telepractice (updated 03.31.2020)


  • ASHA Ethical Issues related to COVID-19


  • School Based SLP Teletherapy Distance Learning Documentation Rubric

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to utilize this Documentation Rubric, please share with us how you used it and if you made any modifications to it. Thank you!


  • Resources on Telepractice HIPAA


  • Teletherapy Consent Form – generic


  • Teletherapy Platforms

PLEASE NOTE: If your district has chosen to use telepractice/teletherapy as a service delivery option, please follow your district’s guidance and/or directive regarding choice of platforms


Take good careJ

Nancy and Karen


Nancy Kuhles, M.S. CCC-SLP, ASHA Fellow

NSHA/NV Coalition co-Chair



775.825.4886 (home/office)

775.772.4831 (cell)



Karen Klopfer, M.S. CCC-SLP




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